Paint Pad is a place to create, share and discover recipes for painting miniatures.

Anyone, of any skill level, can write recipes that are useful to themselves and others. Never again will you forget how you painted the cloak that your warlord is wearing.

The site was created by Andy Pearson, a person that got tired of typing "Mechanicus Standard Grey".


Huge thanks to Alcohealix, ArtyBlock, bardsley, Beornwulf, bowlzee, Cyrrian, Gingerk1d, gregarious, IronShrike, jayrdi, Phogel, teno, Theylok, Thunderchild, and tsemana for supporting Paint Pad on Patreon, helping it stay independent, ad-free, and constantly improving with new features and enhancements.


  • Tom for designing a nice logo that I could throw into the average looking design.
  • Emma, Dave and Sara for time, testing, feedback, and listening to endless paint-related rambling.
  • Matt for testing, feedback, exhaustive recipe creation, and being a great brother.
  • Jakub for building react-textarea-autocomplete and offering endless support and bug fixes.
  • General Products Ltd for providing weekly side project time where a lot of work on the project was completed.


The site is built using Ruby on Rails and is hosted on Heroku.

The frontend uses SCSS, Stimulus, and React.