Thousand Sons Armor

Thousand Sons Armor

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    23 Jul 2022
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    23 Jul 2022
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Undercoat with Black Brown , followed by Rich Gold , then make a zenithal highlight with an airbrush using Bright Gold .

Armor Color

Mix Blood Angels Red and Gloss Metal Varnish in a 1:1 ratio, then apply by airbrush over the entire model. If you want to make this shinier, or even more protected, you can apply 1-2 more coats of Gloss Metal Varnish over this.

Citadel Painting System
Contrast 1
  • Blood Angels Red
Monument Creature Caster Pro Acryl 3
Base 1
  • 040 Black Brown
Metallic 2
  • 028 Rich Gold
  • 031 Bright Gold
Vallejo Metal Color
Base 1
  • 77.657 Gloss Metal Varnish
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