Ambermarle's Highlanders

Ambermarle's Highlanders

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    06 Aug 2022
  • Updated
    07 Aug 2022
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  1. Prime Grey Seer
  2. Basecoat Full Model with Warp Lightning
  3. Block out areas with Spaceship Exterior . Use triangles or jagged structures. Cover about 40% of the model
  4. Paint over blocked areas with Ultramarine Blue
  5. Light Drybrush full model with Skeleton Bone
  6. Pick out a few metal bits (guns, missile tubes) with Leadbelcher
  7. Light Wash metal areas with Strong Tone
  8. Paint base sand with Blood Angels Red , then a light drybrush of Skeleton Bone

Paint cockpit, laser tubes, and edge base with Matt Black

  1. Highlight cockpit with Pixie Pink and a few tiny dots of Matt White
  2. Add yellow/dead grass to base
  3. Add white water transfers, for these I used games workshop bloodbowl transfers. Big number on leg, small number on torso
  4. Spray full model with matte varnish


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Citadel Painting System 4
Base 1
  • Leadbelcher
Contrast 3
  • Blood Angels Red
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Warp Lightning
The Army Painter Warpaints 6
Acrylic 5
  • Matt Black
  • Matt White
  • Pixie Pink
  • Skeleton Bone
  • Spaceship Exterior
Wash 1
  • Strong Tone
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