Nurgle Basing Record

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  • Published
    19 Jan 2020
  • Updated
    19 Jan 2020
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  1. Shave down and rough up Cork board to fit base.
  2. Apply Apoxy-Sculpt with cork lying in desired orientation
  3. Grey Primer
  4. Dry Brush Eshin Grey and then Dawnstone atop the Cork/Rocks
  5. Apply Stirland Mud (Technical) the the lower pieces of the base and smear a bit on the lower rocks. Let dry.
  6. Dry brush Gorthor Brown on mud followed by lighter dry brush of Baneblade Brown
  7. Add a final highlight of Nurgle Green to the Mud

Skulls (Non-optional)

  1. Select and clean up skull
  2. Prime Corax White