Daemon base from Paintomancy

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    03 Jan 2022
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    03 Jan 2022
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very nice basing recipe from Paintomancy

  1. To make the base, glue flat stones, then fill the rest of the base with white wood glue and then put super glue / instant glue on top of everything: this creates the texture of interest
  2. basecoat black
  3. Amethyst Blue
  4. Laser Magenta focusing on the middle
  5. Dead Red still further in the middle (it's a bit more pink than red)
  6. Dark Grey for the stones
  7. Nuln Oil on the stones
  8. drybrushing the stones with light grey from Ammo Mig
  9. drybrushing the texture with Fulgrim Pink
  10. fluorescent pink from Daler Rowney through the airbrush (sparingly on the stones)
AK Interactive 3rd Generation Acrylics
Standard 4
  • AK11022 Dark Grey
  • AK11066 Laser Magenta
  • AK11083 Dead Red
  • AK11183 Amethyst Blue
Citadel Painting System 2
Shade 1
  • Nuln Oil
Layer 1
  • Fulgrim Pink
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