Adeptus Astartes - Ultramarines - Basic Scheme

Adeptus Astartes - Ultramarines - Basic Scheme

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    25 Jun 2021
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    26 Jun 2021
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Used for my basic Ultramarine units like intercessors, tactical squads, aggressors, etc...

  1. Base coat with black spray primer
  2. Base coat of Macragge Blue
  3. Base coat straps, belts, weapon sections, and other small details with Abaddon Black
  4. Base coat trim and ornamentation with Balthasar Gold
  5. Base coat tubing, weapons, power pack vents, and other details with Leadbelcher
  6. Base coat purity seals with Rakarth Flesh
  7. Base coat wax seals, lenses, and wiring with Mephiston Red
  8. OPTIONAL: Base Sgt. helmet with Mephiston Red and any robes/capes with Zandri Dust . If reivers, paint mask with Corax White
  9. Shade any Rakarth Flesh , Balthasar Gold , and Mephiston Red areas with Agrax Earthshade
  10. Shade any Macragge Blue , Abaddon Black , and Leadbelcher areas with Nuln Oil
  11. Retouch areas with original base colors as needed
  12. Edge highlight Macragge Blue areas with Calgar Blue
  13. Edge highlight Abaddon Black areas with Mechanicus Standard Grey
  14. Edge highlight Balthasar Gold areas with Gehenna's Gold
  15. Edge highlight Mephiston Red areas with Evil Sunz Scarlet
  16. Touch up Rakarth Flesh areas with Rakarth Flesh
  17. Cover base with Agrellan Badland and dry brush with Terminatus Stone
  18. Give base a final coat of Abaddon Black around the rim
  19. Finally, seal work with Satin Varnish

Starred by andypearson

Citadel Painting System 16
Base 9
  • Abaddon Black
  • Balthasar Gold
  • Corax White
  • Leadbelcher
  • Macragge Blue
  • Mechanicus Standard Grey
  • Mephiston Red
  • Rakarth Flesh
  • Zandri Dust
Shade 2
  • Agrax Earthshade
  • Nuln Oil
Layer 3
  • Calgar Blue
  • Evil Sunz Scarlet
  • Gehenna's Gold
Dry 1
  • Terminatus Stone
Texture 1
  • Agrellan Badland
Vallejo Auxiliaries
Base 1
  • 70.522 Satin Varnish
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